Taylor Roadshow Rolls Over Canada, Cali This Week

August 18, 2014: There might not be anything better than a fine acoustic guitar, although a fine acoustic guitar and a cold beer would work for a lotta guys. But with or without the beer -- probably without, since most music stores don’t have liquor licenses -- you can check out some really fine acoustic guitars as the Taylor Roadshow rolls through Canada and California this week.

At each stop you’ll find the Taylor dudes showcasing, demoing, and talking about their latest masterpieces, including the new T5z hollowbody electric/acoustic, and their newly redesigned 800 series guitars. If you ask real nice, they’ll even let you play these fine wood and steel instruments too.

At each Roadshow event the Taylor team educates on the Taylor guitar-making process, explains their latest technological marvels, and discusses how wood and body shape affect tone, almost like how hops and body define a fine craft beer. Hey, there’s that beer thing popping up again! And you know, now that we think of it, music stores with liquor licenses could really take off. Hmmm.

The Taylor Roadshow stops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in San Marcos, California today, August 18, proving that if you try real hard -- and we mean real hard -- you can be in two places at once. Tomorrow the Taylor folks criss-cross North America to simultaneously apparate in both Bakersfield, California, and Waterloo, Canada. It goes on like that for a couple more days, with appearances in other Canadian and Californian locales, before they take a few days off. But then they’re back at it again, in Montana, and North Carolina, and Illinois, and all over the dang place, all the way through November.

If you want to try to figure out how they do it, or at least try out a nice Taylor guitar and ask the Taylor reps a few of your favorite questions, like, “Why is the sky blue?” and “Do you want fries with that?” check out the link below to the complete schedule of Taylor Roadshows.

The Taylor Roadshow is a free event, and generally takes place at authorized Taylor dealers, of course.

-- Adam St. James


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