TC Electronic - Global Konnekt Studio

Episode 5: Robbie Bronnimann is mixing the Global Konnekt Studio song, Let It Rain

About a year ago, we initiated the Global Konnekt Studio project in Robbie Bronnimann's studio in London. The idea was to let musicians and producers collaborate on a global level by recording individual tracks locally and sending them back and forth all across the world.

During the sessions, a lot of TC Electronic, TC-Helicon and Dynaudio Acoustics gear was put to good use in the creative process, and the artists shared some of their best tricks.

Now, the circle has almost been completed as all the tracks are back in London to be mixed by Robbie Bronnimann. However, there is just one more thing... It needs to get mastered - by a true master!

So, stay tuned for the fifth and final episode of the Global Konnekt Studio series, where we will let one of the most reputable mastering engineers in the world give it the final touch! From tracking over mixing to mastering, we are there. As long as it's about music, we are there to fuel creativity!

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