The Tone Chain presents, The Tone Chain: This will be an on-going series of interviews revealing the secrets, and obvious facts, of great tone and what you can do to bring that tone, into your guitar realm. We've talked to many of the important "tone generators" that have shaped the sonic world for the past 25 years. From producers to artists, manufacturers to music makers - we've got the goods - let's get started!

Let’s face it, tone is subjective. But I think we can all agree when we hear a great tone. Who can argue against Eddie’s tone on Van Halen I? David Gilmour’s tone on just about anything he’s done? Need I go on?

So in an effort to uncover the secrets of great tone, we went to industry veterans from all walks of the business. We spoke to producers, guitar techs, manufacturers, artist relations reps, and even a couple people that are responsible for inventing some of the things we buy to get great tone.
We will post a different interview each week taking on a different aspect of "The Tone Chain". Some will be video interviews, some will be written. All are informative.

Whether you’re looking to tweak what you already have, or just start from scratch and build a great tone, you will find helpful info in each and every interview.

So, pull up your practice stool, and enjoy.

Our first installment features producer Alex Perialas in the studio as he takes us through each step in getting great tone in the studio: Mic selection, positioning, and various tips and tricks.

Best known for his extensive work in the “golden age” of thrash metal, Alex is responsible for capturing tones from Anthrax, SOD, Testament, Overkill, Bad Religion and more. Alex gave us so much info that we had to present his feature in 2 parts. The second will be posted next week.

In the studio with Alex is Brazilian guitarist Mike Kerr performing his original song, “Maria”.

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