Top Picks: Beatles Lesson and Performance Videos users and forum members have uploaded a wealth of great lesson and performance videos over the years based on the music of the Beatles. In honor of Paul McCartney’s incredible headlining performance at the 2015 Lollapalooza, we’ve decided to gather together some inspiring and instructional Beatles-based videos.

Here are some of our favorites.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” -- Fingerstyle

London-based performer and guitar teacher Tony Rowden just shared this beautiful fingerstyle rendition of “Can’t Buy Me Love” in the forums July 23, 2015. He offers free tab for his excellent version of the Beatles’ classic on his website.

Click the image to go to the video:

Can't Buy Me Love Guitar Lesson


Click here for the sheet music and tab for Tony’s version of “Can’t Buy Me Love”

“She’s A Woman”

San diego-based guitarist Bruce Linquist, aka Brujaylin, has created scores of great lesson and performance videos. He even includes on-screen tab and chord diagrams to illustrate what he’s playing. Here is his great version of “She’s A Woman.”

Click the image to go to the video:

She's A Woman Guitar Lesson


“Dizzy Miss Lizzy”

Long-time forum contributor Bigg, who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, has put together a whole series of great Beatles instructional videos. He shared this video with the community in March, 2014.

Click the image to go to the video:

Dizzy Miss Lizzy Guitar Lesson


“Day Tripper” community member Apache1061 shared this great look at playing “Day Tripper” in September of 2013. It’s a nice clear view of the fingerings and chords to this great Beatles’ classic.

Click the image to go to the video:

Day Tripper Guitar Lesson


“We Can Work It Out”

He has uploaded nearly 1,000 videos to the forum -- that’s nearly 10 percent of all our user submitted videos as of this writing (Summer, 2015). Thanks so much to GtrJoe of Toledo, Ohio, for all he has shared, including this easy-to-follow instructional video on the Beatles’ “We Can Work It Out”, which he uploaded in August, 2012.

Click the image to go to the video:

Beatles We Can Work It Out Video Guitar Lesson


“Norwegian Wood”

Senior member Sawlon submitted this nice version of “Norwegian Wood” in May, 2012. Notice the capo on the second fret. Very easy-to-follow lesson. Give it a try!

Click the image to go to the video:

Beatles Norwegian Wood Video Guitar Lesson


“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” member Treebeard hails from Brisbane, Australia. Check out the beautiful tone he gets on his acoustic in this unplugged version of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,” which he shared with us in December, 2011.

Click the image to go to the video:

Beatles Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Video Guitar Lesson


“Twist and Shout”

Regular contributor Tugwell, aka John Eriks of Vancouver, British Columbia, has shared more than 400 videos with the community. In this instructional video he shows how easily you can learn the early-Beatles classic “Twist and Shout,” which he posted in February, 2010.

Click the image to go to the video:

Beatles Twist and Shout Video Guitar Lesson



Watch fan-shot video of Paul McCartney and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes playing “Get Back” at Lollapalooza 2015:

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