Two Beatles Reunite in the Studio

Two Beatles were reunited in the recording studio Sunday, February 19, when Paul McCartney stopped by Ringo Starr's Hollywood home studio to lay down some bass. The world found out when Ringo posted a picture of the two former Beatles on Twitter and wrote, "Thanks for coming over and playing Great bass. I love you man peace and love." 

Ringo's publicist confirmed that McCartney was at Starr's home and studio to contribute to Ringo's upcoming album, his follow-up to 2015's Postcards From Paradise, which was Ringo's 18th studio album. No release date for the new album has been announced yet, but it is expected early 2017.

McCartney had contributed bass and vocals to Ringo's 2010 album, Y Not, laying down the bottom end on the song "Peace Dream," which referenced John Lennon, and vocals on the song "Walk With You."  

But the day got even better when Ringo later posted a picture of him, McCartney, and Joe Walsh, who also stopped by, probably to get a quick lesson on the four-string from Macca. Or maybe some harmony lessons from Ringo. Either way, Ringo captured the moment on Twitter, saying "And look out Joe W came out to play. What a day I'm having. Peace and love.”.

A tour group, parked in front of Ringo's home, got a huge thrill, witnessing a blue Corvette pulling up to the gate. The tour guide jokingly said, "Here's Ringo now!" but the group quickly realized it was McCartney in the Corvette.

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