Unbelievable Craziness at the Air Guitar World Championships

The annual Air Guitar World Championships are underway in Oulu, Norway, and it’s as crazy as ever. This is the 20th annual event celebrating the wacky world of air guitar playing. If you’ve ever seen the hilarious documentary film Air Guitar Nation, you know what we mean.

Contenders for the World Championship have arrived in Norway from around the globe. The first day of competition was Wednesday, August 27. The finalist is to be announced August 28.

The reigning champion, 18-year-old Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura has traveled from Japan for the second straight year. The 2002 champion, an architect from London named Zac Monro is back for the first time in 13 years.

Germany sent a national champion too. Munich music fan Sabrina “Lady Liberty” Schramm finished ninth in the World Championships in 2014, and has returned for a second try at the title. So too has the American champion, New Yorker Matt “Airistotle” Burns.

We’ll find out by the weekend who the new champion is. In the meantime, put down your damn guitar, and start practicing.

Watch the Trailer for the 2015 Air Guitar World Championships:

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