Video: Scott Gorham Interview and Concert Footage

Scott Gorham was the longest running member of Thin Lizzy and shared the stage with founder and bandleader, vocalist/bassist Phil Lynott, during the group’s most successful period. Decades after Lynott’s untimely passing, Gorham and a stellar cast of players -- some with their own vaunted histories -- continue on in the Thin Lizzy tradition with Black Star Riders. Editor Adam St. James sat down with Gorham at the House of Blues in Chicago during the band’s recent 2015 tour with Europe and discussed Lynott and the great legacy of the music the two created, as well as the familiar-yet-fresh new music and current members of Black Star Riders.

We also spoke about Scott’s Les Paul Axcess -- the Paul that sports a locking tremolo -- and his possible switch from Engl amps back to the Marshalls he used on hits such as “The Boys Are Back,” and “Jailbreak.”

Find out what he had to say, and check out some great live concert footage as well.

Watch this fun and informative interview with Scott Gorham:

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