Vintage Guitar Shows in Cali This Week and Next

Vintage guitar shows don't get much bigger or better than those put on by our friends at Texas Guitar Shows, and the twice-a-year California "World Guitar Shows" are among their best events. This week you'll find all your favorite $150,000 Les Pauls and $100 freakazoid, "what the heck is that" guitars, and everything in between, at the Marin Civic Exhibit Hall, August 16 and 17. Then next week the show rolls down the road to SoCal and the O.C. Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, August 23 and 24.

And remember, you don't have to just go there to spend your kids' inheritance on some new toys. Maybe you wanna sell off your entire collection of beat up old Silvertones, or see what you can get for that spare Hondo in your closet. Or maybe your wife has finally offered you the ultimatum: "Get rid of all these stupid guitars, or get rid of me."

Now, that's always a tough decision to make, believe me. If you get rid of her, who will remind you to trim your nose hair or take out the trash? But if you get rid of the guitars, how will you be able to reminisce about all your long-faded hopes and dreams?

So don't be hasty on this one. You gotta carefully weigh the pros and cons of both situations before you do anything you're going to regret for a lifetime. Maybe you want to think that through over a nice craft beer or something.

But anyway, if you're in the area, head over to the World Guitar Shows and just take a look at the hundreds of classic guitars, and some not-so-classics too. And be prepared to debate the history of the dot neck 335 or the tube configuration of the original '57 Bassman, and all that...


-- Adam St. James

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