Vintage Leo Fender

Leo Fender passed away on this date, March 21, in 1991. In honor of the man who brought us the solid body electric guitar, the Stratocaster, the Telecaster, the Precision and Jazz bases, and some of the world's best sounding and most revered amplifiers, we put together a little collection of vintage photos. Enjoy, and please comment!

1965: Leo and Eddie Peabody, a well-known banjo player for whom Leo had made a banjo.















Leo working on a guitar, circa 1970s (either at CLF Research, for which he did work on Music Man instruments, after selling Fender to CBS, or at G&L, the company he formed in the mid-'70s). 













Leo (on the right) in 1950 with guitarist Dub Williams, who wrote the hit "Release Me" with Eddie Miller (standing behind him). 











Leo with one of his Stratocasters 













Leo in the factory, undated









Leo (on right) and George Fullerton examine a bass in the factory. George helped him launch the company (and later was the "G" in G&L -- George & Leo -- Guitars).








The Fender Factory in the early days.












The Fender Factory in 1959, Fullerton, California.










Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender (August 10, 1909 – March 21, 1991) 




















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