Washburn Guitars Releases the New 10, 20, 30, and 40 Series

Chicago, IL, - Washburn Guitars is announcing their 10, 20, 30, and 40 acoustic series. Each series features different tonewoods and is available in dreadnought or mini jumbo body styles. A prefix of WD denotes dreadnought body and WMJ denotes a mini jumbo body.


The 10 Series feature mahogany backs and sides. Included in the 10 Series is the spruce topped WD10 and WD10CE. The WD10FSB and WD10FCESB both feature flame maple tops. The WD10FCESB adds a cutaway and Fishman electronics for stage work. The WD10S/WMJ10S add a solid spruce top for outstanding tone that will improve with age. The WMJ11S and WMJ11SCE both feature solid cedar top for a slightly warmer tone.


The 20 series features rosewood back & sides. The WD20S/WMJ20S and WD20SCE/WMJ20SCE both feature solid spruce tops. The WMJ21S and WMJ21SCE both have solid cedar tops.


The WD30S/WMJ30S and cutaway WD30SCE/WMJ30SCE both have tamo ash back and sides and a solid spruce top. To compliment the looks of the ash the 30S will also have gold tuners.


The WD40S/WMJ40S and cutaway WD40SCE/WMJ40SCE both have flame maple back and sides, solid spruce top and exclusive gold tuners.


Washburn Guitars is owned by US Music Corp, located in Mundelein, IL.  US Music Corp is an international musical instrument company that manufactures and distributes products worldwide under the Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Electronics, Oscar Schmidt, Hagstrom, Jay Turser, Jay J, Ministar, Phonic, Mano Percussion, Quik Lok, and Profile brand names.  US Music is a subsidiary of Jam Industries, Ltd.

For more information on Washburn Guitars, visit www.washburn.com
For more information on US Music Corp, visit www.usmusiccorp.com
For more information on Jam Industries, Ltd., visit www.jamindustries.com

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