Watch: U2 Release New Video for “Song For Someone”

U2 has recently wrapped up their North American iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. The cut “Song For Someone,” from U2’s album Songs Of Innocence, was in the setlist for the tour, which resumes September 4 in Turin, Italy.

The band released a 9-minute video for the song featuring Woody and Zoe Harrelson in July, 2015. The new version of the video, shot in stunning black and white, was directed by Matt Mahurin. U2 had worked with Mahurin before, in 1993 on the video for the song “Love is Blindness.”

Quoted on the band’s website about working with U2 again, Mahurin said, “Collaboration is a great part of the creative process, and it has been a true joy to once again jump aboard the band's mission of music, mercy and mayhem.”

The band posted the video on their Facebook page. Click the image to watch it:

Click the picture to play the U2 video for "Song for Someone"



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