Wearable Metronome Lets Musicians Feel the Beat

A new wearable device -- a wristwatch-like arm band -- promises to help musicians keep the beat. The makers of the Soundbrenner Pulse say the device will “make you a better musician,” by letting you feel the tempo and beat, much the same way you feel a cell phone vibrate when a call or text comes in.

The Pulse is referred to as a “vibrating metronome” in a promo video and on the company’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The Pulse can be worn on your arm or leg, and controlled by your smartphone, or by tapping the beat into the device itself. The Pulse also promises “multi-player synchronization,” and the included app comes with a “music coach,” rhythm exercises, and more.

The Pulse will sell for $129, according to the Indiegogo campaign.

Who do you know who needs a little help with their time-keeping?

Watch a video about the Soundbrenner Pulse:


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Soundbrenner Pulse Indiegogo Campaign 
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