MXR Distortion +

This classic mustard yellow box has always had its own loud voice in the expansive distortion universe. The magic of the Distortion Plus is the ability to schizophrenically pull off various personalities of overdrive, distortion or fuzz, depending on the rig you're running through. From the scooped metal madness of Randy Rhoads to the creamy streamlined crunch of Sugar, this box, uhhh, molds itself to the your own equipment and style. MXR obviously spent some quality time voicing this one, and it shows. So much so that the absense of the typical tone knob isn't even missed. By twisting endless combinations of the gain and level knobs you can effortlessly nail the classic valvey chime of ACDC, the dark brown tone of Van Halen or the relentless raspiness of Rage Against The Machine. This is, most definitely, one the unsung heroes of the stompbox world. While its popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, the Distortion + has proven that it can stand up to the test of time.