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Capt, most of the ones I have heard sound pretty good. It really depends on what quality the pick ups are that are in it. Sorry it took so long to answer you. I have a bad habit of not coming here and reading the messages.
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I literally rescued a Squired Strat out of a trash can. It's all there, but with wire hanging out and and where you plug the jack in is missing. all that being said the neck looks and feels great. I would like to know your thoughts on the pre-wired pick guards. Specifically the ones offered by Guitar Fetish. They offer several possiblities - I am new to this kind of a project, but i would like for it to be atleast close to a classic strat sound. Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed. Thanks, Glenn
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Jodys guitar looks and sounds sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!Give me a shout...I am home all day.
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Well my friend I finnaly finnished the Ibanez up, as you know I had some surgeries, what most did not know was after a mont I statred practicing again and something went wrong with my hand and back to surgery again. so I decided to finnish up the Ibanez, little did I realize what was in store. So at the neck is a Seymour Duncan TremBucker which had the negative wires soldered to the pot can and the 2 positive wires attached to the oppisit side of the switch from the one wire that was on the pos side. Then the emg's have the 2 pos wires tied together and taped off floating in space with just the neg ones on the can and on the switch....decisions decisions. I decided to clean up the floyd rose and when I removed it the knife edge was gone, worn into 2 deep impressions. I ran across a new factory one on an Ibanez forum that a guy was tossing after putting a real one in his guitar, he said pay the shipping and it's yours, ha ha couldn't beat that so after all that it's working great.
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How is the back feeling?
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You were right Gary the wiring on the Ibanez was so screwed up, after looking up some different diagrams the problem became so clear, reversed wires and wrong placement on the switch. things are good now, Thanks!!!
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I use carnuba wax for the finish, Fender fretboard conditioner and lemon oil conditioner. Then Grafite guitar lube for the nut. Gary
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I wanted to know if you can recommend some specific products you like for cleaning and lube, as shown in your video. I've always been a bit reluctant to do my own setup and service, but you make it look easy enough to do. Setting the action is a little more tricky, but cleaning and setting intonation I should be doing myself. Thanks
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Hi Gary, just stopped by to see how you are doing?


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