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Prayers for a swift and complete recovery. Can't imagine this place without you because, in so many ways, you're the heart & soul of it.
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Good to see you here too "ole" friend Vido, where would this site be without you. Not sure about your reference to "ole" friend though.
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MIke ( Epi was on GDC today
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David, do you ever hear from Mike (EPi0205) anymore? Sent him a couple of emails to his normal email, not through here. But have never heard back. Hope he's doing better.
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Hey Davido,i was wondering if you could give me some info on rev muddys tone on his strat.
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i wish i knew how to say thank you a million times to u dave..thank you soo much for all of yer words and kindness. one day at a time.....................yer awesome <3
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Say....Looky here brotha' wat it is? When you comin up to take a lesson? I'm still hope we is friends dude....Rev. Muddy
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Yo DavidO.....I ain't dead...But I was sick for a while with nasty Diabetes stuff....Thank you for not giving up on me.... I'm gonna do a BLUES inst video to show my appreciation for VB and all the good Gwitar Players here........Rev Muddy!
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David San, Nice flames on your wide glide!
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Thanks Davido, too kind Bro, Rock on!


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