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hey dude, Hope all is well with you, im still lurking occasionally just wondering what ever happened to dr rocker??? He's no longer active on message boards. :) cheers blair
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oh please .... i would never use crappy blue :rolleyes: i dont want to embarrasse my self :D
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still jaleous, did someon bind your bass ?? :p
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I never ever get tired of your Bob the Builder pic there haha.
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Hey podnah..! Man, That is one righteous jukebox you're workin' with my friend. From '72..! Wow, That is just too cool Ian!!!
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Ian..! What's goin' on my brother... If I can sit still from time to time, I have a BLAST with stuff! Started kickin' around with some folks last week. They drug up a gal to do some singin' sooooo, Maybe everybody will keep their doo-doo in one pile..? Peace bro!
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Kinell what's all this new fangled e-sugar and sh**e! NO!!!!!
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Your welcome Glassback. From one ex Trucker with a busted back to another. I gave up driving in 1999 after 25 yrs.
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Nice avatar, Ian! "Bob the Builder, NO IT'S F--KED!!!" ROTFLOL


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