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Just viewed your lesson on "Flying Turkey Trot" So if you are in the mood to do another REO song. Could you do a lesson on Golden Country
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57RI Gold top-Candy Apple Red. I yi yi, betcha can't wait for the mail to come with that one. Enjoy my friend, I received a new Voyage-Air C2 yesterday from FedEx. Always Jonesin' for another.
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Hello Joe, I submitted my first attempt at a video lesson a few days ago. The song is Bruno Mars' song "When I Was Your Man." The lesson never got posted and I'm curious what happened. Maybe it didn't pass muster? Anyway, if you could tell me what happened I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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My pleasure Sir & my Best ~ Joe
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Love ya Brother, it sure is good to hear from you
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Ha Ha - I never look here but today I did and viola~ Glad to help ~ Joe
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Joe, just wanted to say thank you for all the video lessons. I have picked up quite a bit from your lessons. The content of your videos are varied and interesting, making it accessible to players of all levels. Again thank you .
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Hey thanks for the J Geils I do video it was perfect timing for me. Tuesday will be my 30th wedding anniversary and I was looking for something to play my wife. Had forgotten all about that song. Use to listen to it in college a lot. Again thanks
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Hi again Joe -you probably hate me for mentioning it -but that riff......... T
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Hi Joe -did you get chance to crack that riff (am quietly going insane with it)


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