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Great playing in those POD demos
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Hey thanks for the blackdog lesson !!!!!!
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Hello Mr Vanderbilly. I am new contributer. This first time I tried to post ( in the embedded) I came up with a blank video. Since then I have figured it out. Is there some way that I can delete this empty video?
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Thanks for this great sight VB. It`s great to have such a friendly place to come and learn.
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VB, Thanks again for this awesome site. It is so insperational to see so many players. And I love how you posted the link to my vid in the forum. Totally cool!
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I'm proud to be a part of this community here at Vanderbilly!!!! I just wanted to say Thanks very much !!!!
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Hi VanderBilly, I wanted to say: 'Thanx for the great site and great community!!! I am pretty new here, but I'm also pretty hooked on this place, very cool spot on the www!!! Grtz from Amsterdam / JILLMOL
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VB thanks for the friend request, I look foward to seeing our work at completion of the video jam for Luca!
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Hi Chief! Many thanks for giving us this awesome site! :)
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hi vanderbilly :) im nicole


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