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Hi Mike, how's life? Hope you are doing well, my friend. Amy M
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Hey I saw you responded to a post I had made on MyLesPaul, I'd be interested in what you find out when you test the frets on your Epiphone.
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Could you do a lesson/explanation/Tuition on that Jam you did? that would be Killa!
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Everyone watch this now!!!!! <a href="http://" title=""></a>
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Hey Six I don't always watch your videos, but when I do, I watch/prefer (haha couldn't resist) the Acoustic Backing Track Jam video you put out last year. Dos Equis jokes aside, That is the best improv I've ever seeeen!! I'm almost tempted to ask you to jam over that track again!
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ya got any new lessons coming hope and enjoy seeing lessons from you
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Hello Mike, I really enjoy your videos and appreciate your contributions to Vanderbilly. I was curious about your recording setup for Little Sister Shuffle. I love the sound of your Gibson. I believe this guitar has some custom pickups you wound. I would like to achive that sound with my '76 Gibson if possible. Thanks Rick
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hey Six I saw you have a JB Epi. What do you think about thinking of buying one. Says it has the "baseball bat" 50's neck. I play mostly necks like the PRS "wide thin" . thanks for any info. Clay
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Hey Mike, thanks for the friend request.


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