My "Jam of the Month" with soloing to a Jazz Blues in a major key. Back tracks & tips on scales.

"Jam of the month" - Soloing to a Jazz Blues in a major key w. Scales tips - Jazz Guitar lesson

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In my guitar lesson ”Jam of the Month” in June I´m soloing to a Jazz Blues in a major key.  There´s a guitar backing track in the video and I´ll give tips on scales in the text to the back track. I´ll go through the basic scales I use to each chord in the Jazz Blues chorus and some outside playing tips. There are also transcribed lines in the video. These guitar licks/lines can be downloaded in the link below.

Here´s the lesson article on my guitar lessons website:

 …and here´s the pdf with music scores and guitartabs to the lines:

…and the time where the transcribed lines are in the video:
Line 1: 0:14s
Line 2: 0:56s
Line 2: 1:38s

Links to other lessons of mine that might help you in this lesson.
- Essential scales -
- Diminished scale -
- Outside playing -
- The Dominant chord -

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…and have a major jazz bluesy day!

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